Main: Faith under Fire: Pt. 1 (Trials for believers, why?) 1 Peter 1:6-9
Evening: Colossians study
Tuesday: Book of John
Wednesday: I &II Peter Study begins

Are you thankful? As we draw closer to a time of celebration and Thanksgiving, we should consider these questions: Am I thankful? What does that truly look like? How do I show this in my life?

Welcome and thank you for being here today. It is a joy to be with you and I am honored to bring you the Message. We begin a brand-new series today called: Faith under fire. We are seeing the Christian faith under attack like never before in our lifetime. While certainly, history provides us with horrific examples of persecution in former centuries, but in our modern age, we have not seen the outright hatred of Christians and Christianity, as a whole, like we do now. It is sad, it is distressing, but it is real. How do we deal with that? How do we grow in faith, when it is always being tested? This new series will address this and many other subjects, over the next several weeks. I pray it will be a blessing to all who are able to attend.

This is a special time of year. The build toward Christmas is certainly exciting for the merchants who will do everything possible to get us to come and buy their stuff. However, for those of us who call Jesus Lord, who call Him Savior, we give great thought of the most incredible gift we have ever received. Of this and for this, we should be most grateful and indeed, thankful. It appears that conditions of our world are indeed deteriorating. Morally, ethically, and every other way imaginable, it is all falling apart. The Bible teaches of Spiritual Wickedness in high places. Most equate that type of talk, with the devil. While he is the source, he is the enabler, it is those who take part in such actions that are accountable for what they do, or at least with God they will be.