As the season is in full swing, we see the lights, we hear the music, we deal with the crowded stores and long lines, however, I encourage everyone to never forget the real reason for why we celebrate and that if Jesus is your Savior then it is Christmas every day.

We are living in times that are truly reflective of the downfall of society. Not only are we seeing violence on the rise, but we are also seeing the absolute mockery of God and quite simply the denial of God on the rise as well. When people lose the fear of something then it almost never fails that someone ends up getting hurt or the story ends in a very bad way. There is a documentary about a guy who spent most of his life watching and studying Grizzly bears. He would take pictures, make videos and study their every habit. As time would go by he would get closer and closer and eventually would even seem to develop a relationship with certain bears. The problem came when he lowered his guard, or in other words, he lost his fear of these enormously strong and indeed wild animals and ultimately it cost him his life.

The Bible is clear on the fact that we are called to have the fear of God. This type of fear is without a question that revolves around respect and firmly understanding and believing that He is who He says and will do as He has promised. As I watch the news stories, as I literally witness with my own eyes the actions of so many around us it is very clear that very few take serious the fear of God. It seems to not even be present in the actions of most. The leadership of our nation does not seem to account for the need for God. The special interest groups only cry out for their rights and what they have determined is what they should be allowed to do. The entertainment industry thinks it is funny to mock God and makes the whole idea of being a person of faith to be something that only a foolish person would buy into. The idea that comedies about the devil are made speaks volumes as to how serious the subject is to most.

We are clearly told that in the last days the scoffers would come. This simply means that those who do not take anything serious would be very obvious. Their actions, words, and total ignoring of the things of the Lord are clear to all and as time goes by we not only see this to be true, but sadly it seems to be what most are calling normal these days. Melissa and I were recently in a store and I was truly disturbed at the filth, garbage, trash, that is produced and sold in the name of funny. Christmas cards with a picture of Jesus along with captions that contain vulgar and profane wording. I asked her, have we really come to this in America, do people really find this funny?

 Sadly enough the answer is probably yes. However, the Bible is also clear on this subject as well. We are told that God will not be mocked. What exactly does this mean? It is simply this: time for all this nonsense will one day run out. Those who promote such things, those who produce such things, those who lead people astray, those who willingly participate, those who refuse the truth and embrace the lies, they will all have to answer to God in person. There will be no one to take their place and there will be no one to take the blame. In other words excuses will all be done away with “on that day.”

I do not want to come across as angry and certainly not one proclaiming the threat of lightning bolts to all who do not walk the line. It is not about good behavior as much as it is the motive behind the behavior. We are in the times that the Bible spoke about when evil is called good and good is called evil. It is simply the truth of God’s Word being revealed to all who are willing to see. I see thing very clear these days. I speak not as one filled with pride or somehow know it all, but I am willing to listen and hear and know that God is speaking and our position is to be one of obedience. We are to be about what He has called us to do in these last days. The commission has not changed, the calling has not changed, we are to love God and love one another. In the process of doing that then lives are changed and fruit is produced and spiritual legacies are created and indeed left for others to continue to build upon.

God has given me a clear call on my life. It is my call to help prepare others. It is my call to as the Bible says “equip the saints.” In other words give everyone the truth, give everyone the knowledge of what is really going on and how to deal with it. As doors continue to open here at Bounty Land, I pray that everything we get involved in will be for the benefit of the Kingdom and the benefit of every soul that we touch. I am excited about what God is showing me and I look forward to continuing to share it with everyone as it is revealed. I am believing in great days ahead and receiving those things that are unlike the world.

God is good and indeed it is all the time. As you celebrate with friends and family over these next days and weeks always keep Christ the center of all that you do. Let others see Jesus in you and make this the Merriest Christmas ever.


God Bless,

Pastor Andy