Pastor's Thoughts

Growing and excited

Just a note to let everyone know that more and more changes will be coming to our website, our church, our ministry as a whole. God is moving in a mighty way and I could not be more excited. Please let me know if I can ever be of a help to you. I can be contacted by... read more

note from 1 31 16

We have been so blessed as of late in our services. I am so thankful for all the new faces and visitors that we have been having. It may very well have been cold outside and we have experienced a little winter, but the power of God has not been hindered in the least... read more

From the Pastor 1 10 16

  I hope and pray that your new year is starting off in a wonderful way and that you are looking forward to great things in 2016. What a tremendous move of God we had last week. Our service was just powerful. I believe with all my heart that we not only started off... read more

2016 Happy New Year

Can you believe it? We look at the number 2016 and almost feel the need to say: is that real? Indeed, time is moving at a rapid pace and it seems that it is speeding up. While it may well not be literally moving faster, we can all agree that life certainly has changed... read more

Last Sunday of 2015

I pray that all of you had a wonderful Christmas celebration and are here today and ready to worship the Lord. We have so many reasons to celebrate when we truly give thought to what the Lord has done for us. I have stated many times that this entire season is my... read more

Seeking 12 20 15

What another great day the Lord has blessed us with. I read an article this week that spoke on not counting our blessings and how we sometimes let the hectic journey called life get in the way of those special moments that create some wonderful memories. Ephesians... read more

Remember why

As the season is in full swing, we see the lights, we hear the music, we deal with the crowded stores and long lines, however, I encourage everyone to never forget the real reason for why we celebrate and that if Jesus is your Savior then it is Christmas every day. We... read more

First Sunday of December

It is the first Sunday of December. Can you believe it? I know they say time flies when you are having fun, but my goodness how this year has flown by. Hard to grasp that we are on the verge of 2016. In the year 2000 we, or at least most of us, remember that... read more


As Pastor I am so grateful and indeed thankful for all of His blessings and beyond my wife and girls I have no greater blessing than His call on my life to minister His Word and have done so now for nearly 15 years. An incredible journey to say the least, but one that... read more

Pastors Books

just a short note to let everyone know a new page will soon be added which will feature all the books written by Pastor Andy as well as updates on news that are forthcoming. Thank you in advance for your support read more