We have been so blessed as of late in our services. I am so thankful for all the new faces and visitors that we have been having. It may very well have been cold outside and we have experienced a little winter, but the power of God has not been hindered in the least when it comes to our time of worship. It has been simply awesome. I say thank you Lord and thank you to everyone who is in prayer for our church. 2016 is going to be an incredible year for Bounty Land.

Last week I spoke on time and the response was wonderful. Even though I have been struggling physically as of late with my back, God allowed me to minister in Word and the Message was received. The response at the end of our service was powerful to say the least. Lamentations 3:25 says “The Lord is good to them who wait for Him, to the soul that seeks Him.”

I believe this with all my heart. In order to find something, we actually have to look. The Bible is clear that if we seek we shall find. In other words, an effort has to be made on our part. We live in a time when many have little to no desire to make an effort to do anything, except maybe complain. Sadly, many in the political world are encouraging such attitudes by creating the idea that everyone deserves free stuff or to be handed everything on a silver platter with no effort ever having to be made. I find that hard to accept. Although I am not that old, I have been around work all my life. I feel blessed to have been raised in a family of hard workers.

My dad and both my grandfathers are the hardest workers I have ever known. I cannot remember a time that any of them did not work. My grandfathers worked until their literal death. One was a carpenter and worked until it was simply not physically possible to continue and my other grandfather was a logger and was working on the day he was injured in the woods which led to his stroke and ultimate death. My dad will soon be 71 and he is still going. My point is not to elevate any of them, but simply to say this is what I come from. I started sweeping floors in a warehouse the day after I turned 15 and have always had a job.

The idea of “give me everything because I deserve it” is a foreign concept to me. I look at it in the sense of I do not want what I deserve because all I deserve is Hell. I realize that some would gasp at that statement, but friends it is simply true. If we read what the Bible says and then look at life around us, how can one conclude that the Bible is not true or that God is not real? I see and hear so many who state that they do not believe or that they cannot accept that there is judgment. The bottom line is that it honestly does not matter if they accept it or not, it is still coming.

I heard an illustration one time from Charles Stanley. He said that we can stand on the shores of Hawaii and see one of those incredible waves forming out in the Pacific Ocean and literally see it coming, but then turn around and tell ourselves that it is not coming. He went on to say we can tell ourselves, absolutely convince ourselves that it is not real and that it is not coming, but the reality is that we will still get wet. Denying God’s existence does not make Him go away. Justifying sin does not make it right nor does it erase the consequence.

There are many today who are trying to create some type of utopian paradise where work does not exist and everything is free. However, the reality is that someone is paying for it. The Bible is clear on this subject and says that if one does not work they should not eat. I understand that some would argue against that and try to find all kinds of loopholes, but the truth of the matter is that the concept of work has always been. God provided the Garden, but charged Adam with the responsibility of taking care of it.

We have been given the charge of sharing the Gospel with all that we possibly can. Our society seems to fight this Message and that fight is simply over the fact that it reveals truth and it reveals the state of the soul. Many do not want to accept the fact that beyond this life there is more and part of that more is consequence for the life that has been lived. It is kind of like having experience. One who has never worked or gained any experience in anything, but yet still demands to have equal pay or equal position with the one who has toiled and climbed up the ladder to earn what they have, it is simply not fair, nor is it fair to take it away from the one who worked for it and give it to the one who did not.

Life when lived allows one to gain experience. As that experience is gained then, prayerfully, knowledge is gained and ultimately wisdom comes into place as that knowledge is applied. In the verse from Lamentations we are given the word seek. Again this is an action word. We are told that those who “seek Him” He is good to them. Who are you seeking today? What efforts are being made toward finding the answers? What direction are you going and who are you allowing to lead your thoughts?

The answers to those simple questions are very important. The distractions that are around us are innumerable. I have never seen anything like it. As technology increases and knowledge increases we are inundated with so much stuff. It is almost overwhelming. I would challenge all of us to be aware of how we spend our time and in fact who we spend our time with. The world is the world and at times it can be a really dark place. We need to stay in prayer and surround ourselves with the things of the Lord. If you have questions He will provide the answers to those who will seek Him. It is all about the effort. Put good in, get good out. It is a simple concept that indeed may not always seem to produce the answer we want, but if our desire it to seek His will then that requires that we accept His will.

Thank you for reading my ramblings this week. I thank you for your prayers and support of what I do. I absolutely try to bring you my very best each and every week. It has been a true joy serving with you over this last year and I cannot express how excited I am about the days ahead. I just feel like something good is about to happen, I just feel like something good is on the way.

Please know I am only a call away. I always enjoy hearing from you or having a chance to visit. May you all have a blessed week.


In Christ,

Pastor Andy