I pray that all of you had a wonderful Christmas celebration and are here today and ready to worship the Lord. We have so many reasons to celebrate when we truly give thought to what the Lord has done for us. I have stated many times that this entire season is my favorite and has been for as long as I can remember. There is just something special about all the excitement and when we realize the gift that we have been given then it all starts to make sense. The greatest gift of all is Jesus. There will never be anything more special in a person’s life than receiving Christ as Lord and Savior. As we continue on our journey together here at Bounty Land it is my fullest intention to share Christ with all who come through our door and do all that I can to make sure no one ever leaves the same as they came in.

Here we are on the last Sunday of 2015. It is kind of hard to believe. It just seems normal anymore to say that time flies, but it certainly seems to apply these days as we look at 2016 just around the corner. It is my prayer for a banner year in this upcoming new year. I realize that could be seen as a cliché type statement, but I am serious. The Lord has shown me some wonderful things and in my heart of hearts I absolutely believe that we can and will do mighty things here at Bounty Land in this new year. It is not uncommon during this time of year that people make resolutions and fully intend to change things or start over. The problem with those is very often they are started and sometimes even ended in the same day. It appears that effort is somewhat lacking or at least the follow through.

We have, in many ways, been conditioned to say things that we mean at the time, but when it comes to getting it done we often fall short. I say that not to be negative or even cruel, it is simply the truth. Any of us can be guilty of such a thing. This certainly holds true in the church. Each year and in fact probably every year it is said, thought or suggested that we improve, we do better, we grow, we etc.……. You all understand my point: it has to be more than words. Words are just words if there is no action attached. The Lord operated by action and not just words. In other words, when He said something He did not let it just remain words, He gave it life and those words became an action.

As we look to begin a new year, as we look forward to days ahead may we understand the same principle. All that we envision, all that we dream, all that we consider, they can all come to be through faith, through trusting the Lord and by placing action behind each word. I am a visionary. I am a dreamer. I know that some things have to wait and some things have to be worked toward, but I also believe with all my heart that with God all things are possible.

We are coming out of a season of miracles. A time in which the supernatural took precedence. The question we have to answer is why do we contain miracles to just Christmas time? Does God not work all the time? Is He not capable anytime HE so desires? We must never place Him in a box or in some way stifle Him and not allow Him to show us just exactly how powerful He really is. As we enter into the New Year I encourage each of you and encourage us as a church to let God be God and may the miracles simply be poured out in ways that we have never seen nor imagined.


This New Year will contain many things and for us as Americans it will certainly will include the election of a new President. It is not my intention to endorse any one particular person nor is it my intention to get overly political, however we must understand the importance of this particular election. It has become a burden of my heart and as I have prayed the Lord has made it clear to me that this is the one that will open or close a door. By that I simply mean the choices that will be made in November will determine a major time frame as to how much longer the Lord will tarry. I certainly would never start setting dates or making prediction. I am simply stating this: the last 8 years have been a disaster and if the wrong choices are made and such pathways are allowed to continue then it will end terribly. If a new direction is allowed, then we will have a little reprieve and indeed have an opportunity to pursue new things.

I say this not as some prognosticator, but as one who is earnestly seeking the Lord and friends, the writing is on the wall. Our nation has been allowed to go in a dangerous direction and that is one that is far away from God. His Word is clear and being outside of His will is not a good place to be. The Word is clear in Psalm 33 “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.” If we want to be seen as blessed again then some major changes will need to be made.

As we enter into a new year, my thoughts and prayers are with each of you and I certainly hope that you know how much of an honor it is for me to be your Pastor. We are coming out of a great year. I feel that we accomplished many things this year and regardless of any bumps along the way we are going into 2016 with our heads held high because we know who is in charge, we know who is Lord. We know who we serve and Who will always show us the right way to go. I am excited about many of the ideas that we will pursue this new year. I know His Hand is upon us and it is going to be awesome.

God bless you all and Happy New Year!

Pastor Andy