I hope and pray that your new year is starting off in a wonderful way and that you are looking forward to great things in 2016.

What a tremendous move of God we had last week. Our service was just powerful. I believe with all my heart that we not only started off the new year in a special way, but indeed in His way. The Lord has some incredible things instore for us this year and I for one cannot wait to see it unfold. We have a great foundation on which to build and our time is now.

As we begin to move forward may we fully understand the need for action. Talking about stuff is certainly needed and planning and all that, but the doing part is just as, if not more important. Great plans and strategies have been laid out over time only to never happen because they never got out of the planning room or meeting. Often times we see a singer pass away and a recording they never put out for sale is found and it may be the greatest song they ever sung. An actor dies and a movie they never put in the theaters is finally released and it is Oscar worthy, the point of both examples is that it is too late for them to reap any benefit of their plans or work.

God is placing some incredible opportunities before us and it is without any question HE is looking for action and not a lot of talking. Certainly we have to make plans and discuss things, but in the end it is what we do with those plans and ideas that count the most. As I stated last week we have lost people all around us. We have hurting people all around us and we have the answer they are so desperately in need of. It is more than just merely coming to church. That in and of itself is only part of the solution. We must be able to provide the fulfillment of their seeking. What do I mean?

If you go to Applebee’s because you are hungry and they have no food, then Applebee’s did you no good. Sure it provides a shelter out of the cold or rain or heat, but it does not feed you and that is your issue at that moment. So what happens? You leave and go to somewhere that will take care of your need. Church is absolutely no different. People should be coming to be fed. Sure the fellowship is nice and we enjoy that, but the intent for each person that comes through our doors should be to take something away when they leave that will improve their life. The question we have to answer is do we provide that? Is the atmosphere here one that allows others to see we do offer the answer?

As I have said I do not promote the idea that we are the only ones in town that have the answer nor are we the only ones that preach the truth, but I can simply speak on our behalf with confidence because I am fully aware of what we offer. I am excited about what the Lord is showing me for the days ahead and it is going to be awesome. He is opening doors that will do things here at Bounty Land that will affect the world and I literally mean the world. We are going to reach into people’s lives all over and share the love of Christ with all who have an ear.

Locally we have a tremendous mission field. We have so much need around us that it truly screams for attention. However, we must look beyond the mere physical needs and look at the spiritual needs. We can cloth, feed and house people as we are able and indeed those are important, but if that person remains lost, if they never hear about the love of Jesus then we truly did not help them. It is like putting a band aid on a serious wound. It does not meet the actual need of what is wrong. Spiritual issues are not always easy to detect. Just because someone has fallen on hard times does not always mean it is a result of some sin or moral failure, although sometimes it is. On the other hand, many are suffering because of the lack of relationship with the Lord. They have never been taught the importance of what that really means or how to obtain it and maintain it.

We must see ourselves as a hospital for the sick, broken, hurting, fallen away, dying and every other issue out there. We have the answer, we know the great physician and He can meet their needs. Very often in life people are seeking an answer. Most often it is a temporary answer to just get them through. We have access to the answer and it is for eternity. I realize that so many have given up hope these days. Our world is going crazy and in many ways seems to be too far gone and completely upside down.

The Bible tells us that such a time is coming. The Bible has given us all the answers we need so that none of this which is happening should actually be a surprise. I know it is hard to actually witness, but God said it was coming. Why were we told in advance? It is very simple: so we can be prepared and be able to prepare others and help them to see the truth. We need a large dose of truth these days as to what is really going on. I know the headlines are overwrought with politics and all of that is almost overwhelming. In the midst of those headlines we hear a lot of stuff and rhetoric, but do we hear the truth? Sadly, most of the time we do not. We hear a lot of empty promises and hot air, but truth is rarely involved.

Many have come to think that truth does not even exist anymore, but it does and His name is Jesus. We need to be a place that everyone comes to know and understand is a place that offers truth, even when truth is not popular because it often times involves hearing something that we do not like. Telling someone that they are a sinner may be offensive by the worlds standards, but showing someone that by God’s word we are all in that category and are in need of a Savior and that One has been sent for us is life changing. What a great time to be a believer and messenger of truth. Go forth and share this wonderful news with all that you can. We can make this new year one that will forever change our church and our individual lives. I am excited and honored to lead the charge.

Thank you for the honor of having me as your Pastor. I am looking forward to another great year together. Blessings to you all.


From My heart

Pastor Andy