It is the first Sunday of December. Can you believe it? I know they say time flies when you are having fun, but my goodness how this year has flown by. Hard to grasp that we are on the verge of 2016. In the year 2000 we, or at least most of us, remember that everything was going to crash and the world was going to end because the computers would not work anymore. Somehow the experts missed that one. 

Indeed the Christmas season is upon us. For the world I think it started right after July 4th or at least it seems that way. It gets earlier and earlier each year and now black Friday starts on Thursday afternoon, not sure about you, but that seems strange to me. My point is the world is always rushing things to happen before they are actually ready. We are indeed an instant generation today and everything is scheduled to happen quickly or some times before it even needs to.

When we read in the book of Galatians we see that Paul records in Chapter 4 and verse 4

“But when the fullness of the time was come, God sent forth his Son, made of a woman, made under the law”

We see the word fullness here and in fact focus on that as the heart of this Passage. Indeed we understand that when God’s timing was ready, then HE sent forth Jesus unto the world. In other words it was perfect. It was at the exact moment it was supposed to happen, not one minute early and certainly not one minute late. Everyone seems in such a rush these days and around this time of year it seems to speed up.

The idea of go here, go there, can’t miss this sale, etc.……… We have become conditioned to never stop moving and for many this has become a problem. The Bible says “be still and know that I am God.” As the rush of the holidays come upon you remember this verse which is located in Psalm 46:10. Be still, I realize that seems impossible with how busy life is, but it is necessary if we are truly seeking real direction.

We need to step back and refocus as to where things are in our world today. We see the terrorists trying to blow up the world, behead everybody and just in general be awful, however our leaders tell us that global warming is our greatest threat. I am not sure about you, but a sunburn just does not seem as bad as getting your head cut off. The refusal of people today to deal with reality has become a major problem. I understand that some topics are hard to talk about and in fact are often times difficult, but the truth is when an elephant is in the room you honestly cannot ignore that, but this is exactly what the world is trying to do.

In particular we see this with the current administration we have here in America and it is actually quite embarrassing when we think of how others around the world are seeing us. Weak, empty threats, no true answers, soft on real issues, and the list could get really long, but the glaring problem is the one that almost no one will admit to and that is our nation has turned its back on God.

Here we are that the beginning of December, we all know that this entire month and actually for many weeks before now, the Christmas sales, bargains, cyber events, black Fridays, early Thursdays and whatever else has been created, is all centered around the gift giving aspect of the Christmas holiday. The sad reality is that the true purpose of the day is rarely, if ever, mentioned and when it is then we are told that it is offensive. I say what a bunch of nonsense, but many have cowered to the pressure of the PC police and handed in their spines and are no longer willing to take a stand. I speak not of revolution as much as I do revelation. We need a revelation that God is still real, He is still in charge and one day there will be a consequence for telling Him to go away. In fact some of that consequence has already started and the further He is pushed out the worse conditions are going to get.

I try not to ever be part of the gloom and doom crowd, however, I do see things for what they are and the Bible is clear about the times that we are living in. You cannot continue to walk among rattlesnakes and not think that one day you will get bitten. It just goes with the territory. Ignoring God’s commands, acting as if it does not matter, refusing to acknowledge truth, all of these have a price tag attached. It simply has to.

As we begin to celebrate together as a church family over these next several weeks I pray that it will be a time of joy, peace and true happiness. Life will continue to happen, there will be bumps in the road and even a few fender benders quite possibly, but in the end what is important is that Jesus Christ is Lord, Jesus Christ is Savior and He came into this lost and dying world to seek and to save that which was lost. Each and every one of us were in that search and praise God for all who have accepted Him and given Him your hearts. As you seek the perfect gift for those you love, never forget we have already been given the perfect gift, now it is simply our job to share that with all who come our way.

I cannot imagine we have anyone among today who would be offended, but for the ones beyond our walls who somehow may read this, let me leave you with this:


Merry Christmas!