Can you believe it? We look at the number 2016 and almost feel the need to say: is that real?

Indeed, time is moving at a rapid pace and it seems that it is speeding up. While it may well not be literally moving faster, we can all agree that life certainly has changed and has increased in speed. A new year brings all kinds of thoughts and plans. Many make statements about doing something and call it a resolution. This has been around for a long time and in many ways has become merely a fad. I say that simply because most things that are claimed as a resolution are hardly ever completed or at least the beginning of that project most often does not see the end results that were the objective.

I am not saying that to be negative it is simple human condition. In many ways we seem to naturally be bent in that direction: start something and find a hard time finishing it. Society plays a major role in that today as a new generation of those who feel entitled are being raised up and the idea of hard work is really close to being an equivalent of saying a naughty word.

The Message I have today is somewhat of a challenge and in other ways it is like s state of the union. We look back for a moment at what we accomplished last year and then we quickly look forward to see what lies ahead for us in this new year and how to accomplish it. The idea, the concept, if you will, is to create some forward thinking and get the gear shift moving from neutral to drive and in fact maybe over drive. I have made no secret about my feelings on the imminent return of the Lord. I have never and would never be as foolish as to set a date or anything like that, but in my heart of hearts I must say that I feel a sense of urgency like never before.

We have a mighty task before us and embracing that task is of the utmost importance. If we consider for a moment the Great Commission, we see the urgency that is expressed in that very Message. The first words here are:


Go is an action word. It does not mean sit and talk about it, it means get up and do it. The reason the Lord could make such a bold command or statement was based on the fact that He fully expects those who are His to already know what to do. We see that by the continuing words of the Great Commission:

“and teach all nations”

The words teach means to instruct or train. For one to be able to teach they first must know the material. The Lord has instructed those who are His to go and teach. This simply meaning not talk about it, but do it. Who is to be taught? All nations which means just that: the whole world, every person who will listen. Why is this so important? That answer can also be found in the Bible as we are told in 2 Peter 3:9 that God desires that none should perish. If indeed that is His desire, then it is without question that He wants everyone to hear the Message.

In verse 20 of Matthew 28 we see the word teach is being used once more and this time in addition to teach we see the word observe is used. The word observe simply means to literally see. So the question for every single believer and for every single church and church member is who do others see when they see you? Is it just you or is it Christ?

As this New Year is starting it is my personal goal to be more like Jesus than ever before, but I am only one. I can only affect my region, however as a church, as a whole we can impact our community like never before in the history of this ministry. We have an awesome task before us, but I have no question that with the Lord’s help there is nothing we cannot do.

We have had one full year together now and I feel we have established many things. I feel we are on the right track and it is my absolute opinion that we have been called to do something special for this area. As we seek His will, as we seek His guidance and council I know He will make it clear as to all that we are to be about. I am excited and truly look forward to seeing some mighty things take place. Please be in prayer as to what the Lord is showing you and then let’s get busy.

The Message today is: What will it take to build?

I pray that you will be blessed and challenged as much as I was preparing the words. Again I send my heartfelt thanks to all who were a blessing to us during Christmas and we are looking forward to a great new year. Many things will be going on this year and many decisions will be made this year that will impact many people. I pray that all that we are a part of will be something that will leave a spiritual footprint here in our community that can never be denied or forgotten.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the team. God bless you all and please know I am honored to serve with you and count it a joy to be your Pastor. Please call or stop by if you need me.

In Christ

Pastor Andy